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About WIS

The world Interaction System network was one of the first to introduce TON technology in cryptocurrency trading, which gave a significant impetus to the development and further development of its own artificial intelligence. Thanks to the emergence of completely new trading algorithms, the ratio of successful transactions came close to 90%, which was almost impossible to achieve previously solely by human resources and available software solutions.

The growth of capitalization of the World Interaction System network has entered into a geometric progression, which caused an increased excitement among investors — for the incomplete 2 quarters of 2019, we received more than $2,000,000 of investments from legal entities and about $6.7 million from private individuals. We are deliberately interested in cooperation with as many individuals as possible, because one of the main values of the World Interaction System is the opening of opportunities to enrich the widest possible range of progressive-minded Internet users.


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Our reputation is the most important, but there are several more moments:




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How it works? Everything is simple!



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All you need to know

What is the interest rate on deposits?

0.14% per hour to period 100 days

How much can I invest in WIS NETWORK?

$400, in a week it will increase to $600, the next will be $800...

How quickly payments are made?

Thanks to the most thoughtful marketing, We made payments instant. Minimum payout $2